15 Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree That Can Jumpstart Your Career

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What are Good Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree?

A few good jobs that don’t require a college degree include administrative functions, handling mechanical equipment, or entry-level positions such as customer service representatives, electricians, firefighters, and flight attendants. Many high-paying jobs do not require a college degree, as long as you are capable of successfully performing the primary job duties.

Getting a job that doesn’t require a college degree can prove beneficial for people unable to receive a college education. Attending a four-year college program is expensive, and not everyone is capable of affording it right after high school. There are also several benefits that come with this.

  • It will help pay your bills. By securing a job that doesn’t require a college degree, it will help you in being able to afford your current situation. Without worrying about having a college degree, you can get a good-paying job that will offer you financial support and potential opportunity for growth.
  • You can save money for formal education. If you are unable to afford an education right out of high school, having a job that doesn’t require a college degree will help you save money to be able to do that.
  • It builds your work experience: By getting a job that doesn’t require a degree, you will have the opportunity to gain practical work experience during the time you would be in school.

Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

1. Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist offers assistance to companies and people with software and hardware. They can offer support via phone, in person, or online. Some computer support specialists may have taken certification courses. However, some companies will hire without any degree or certification. Rather, it helps to have knowledge of computers and have good people and communication skills.

2. Network And Computer Systems Administrator

Companies rely on network and computer systems administrators to set up their computer systems. This job is needed across industries because everyone uses some type of network and computers to operate. Some companies may prefer their employees to have a bachelor’s degree. However, others just require a postsecondary certificate and strong computer skills.

3. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists provide medicine to healthcare professionals and patients. Many work in private pharmacies or drug stores, but some may also work in hospitals. There are programs that offer certificates to become a pharmacy technician. Alternatively, many pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to learn on the job.

4. Service Delivery Analyst

A service delivery analyst uses software and data to track customer satisfaction. This role has skills that vary by industry. However, across the board, this job requires strong computer skills and communication skills.

5. Transportation Inspector

Transportation inspectors can work with just a high school diploma. They check both equipment and goods to make sure that people and cargo are transported safely. For example, they can work as freight inspectors or rail inspectors.

6. Media And Communication Equipment Worker

Media and communication equipment workers help install, repair, and maintain audio and visual equipment in homes and businesses. They can learn the job through practice and apprenticeship.

7. Elevator Technicians

Elevator technicians install, maintain, and fix elevators, escalators, lifts, and moving walkways. The job is expected to grow over the next decade by about 10%. Apprenticeship and high school diplomas are often the only requirements for this position.

8. Air-Traffic Controllers

Air-traffic controllers direct and coordinate the movement of air traffic for airplanes, jets, and helicopters to ensure a safe distance between them. This is a high-stress and demanding job because it requires such important attention to detail. The training for the job is long-term, on-the-job training and often requires an associate’s degree.

Healthcare Jobs that Don’t Require Degrees

9. Medical Scribe

Physicians use scribes to fill out their patient charts with electronic medical records software. To become a medical scribe, you need to have typing skills and should have an interest in medicine.

10. Phlebotomist

The medical field needs phlebotomists to draw blood. They draw blood in labs and during routine tests. A certification is needed to perform this job, which takes about 6 to 12 weeks to complete.

11. Surgical Technologist

12. Assisted Living

Many assisted living jobs don’t require degrees. People can become personal care assistants and help patients perform daily tasks. People who are best fit for this job are those with compassion and a desire to help others.

13. Ultrasound Technician

Those interested in healthcare, but who are not yet sure they want to fully commit to the education process can start as ultrasound technicians. An ultrasound technician performs ultrasounds and provides results to doctors. The job typically requires an associate’s degree or postsecondary certificate.

14. Medical Coder

Medical coders are a high-demand position within the field of healthcare. Medical coders establish coding systems and maintain them on patient records for insurance submission. Each employer requires their own set of experience or training, but many accept medical coders who are ready to learn on the job.

15. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants help medical staff without being hands-on with patients. This means that they perform a variety of tasks that range from scheduling appointments to preparing rooms for patient exams. Medical assistants should complete a post-secondary program for training that typically takes about a year.

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20. Air Traffic Controller

traffic control

Apart from having a spectacular view of the skies, air traffic controllers are also paid generously for their services. These people have the power to keep aircrafts safe by making sure that there is a safe distance between them.

The above-listed jobs prove that there are plenty of opportunities not just for college graduates, but also for those who have high school graduates and associate degrees. However, you have to keep in mind that like most jobs, these high-paying occupations will necessitate respective skills training. Talent is also important but this you have to work out through the right professional attitude. If you already have your high school diploma, you can start researching these jobs. On the other hand, the professions that require associate degrees would require enrolling and completing the necessary courses at a community college or associate’s college.