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Try Not to Use These Writing Services As Much As Possible

Surviving college is already one of the most difficult feats anyone can muster. I’m trying as hard as I can, but there are times when I really need to get some help. I tried out a few sites to see which one could help me along the way and these are my honest and condensed reviews of their services.



As one of the oldest in the business – since 1997, to be exact – I was not surprised to see that the website was efficient in its presentation of its services, as well as its transparency when it comes to prices. According to a review or two, however, they could do more than what they’re offering now. That didn’t seem so bad, so I decided to order an essay for one of my subjects. When it arrived I was sorely disappointed to see that the quality was less than what I expected from a veteran company.

RushMyEssay review


According to a different review site, NinjaEssays is one of those new companies that hardly have anything to present yet. The customer reviews alone are not promising, but I decided to give it a go just because they had a coupon code and other discounts. I ordered their platinum essay, which was promised to be written by someone with a PhD. When I got the paper, it was a mess. There were a lot of errors that even a C student like me could immediately cite. I’d say the promise of PhD and Masters Degree writers is a definite scam and you shouldn’t hold out hope for anything more than another college student writing it for you.

NinjaEssays review


This company is the newest of the bunch. I like trying these out because they’re more likely to overcompensate and maybe even over-perform. Since they’re all about academic writing, I decided to ask them for a term paper for one of my minor subjects. They seemed to be charging a little too high – $29 is their lowest rate per page – so I tried to find a promo code or something that would lessen the financial burden. Sadly, I couldn’t find any. They did, however, have a 25% discount for new members. Regardless of the savings, I was not happy with the results of my term paper. It seemed to me like they just gathered a bunch of information on the topic I assigned and squeezed it in the whole thing. It did not look academically viable, so I had to thrash it. So much for rating them as one of the good ones.

A-Writer review



Good thing they offer academic papers because that is what I am more focused on these days. I needed someone to edit my thesis so I chose their company for this. Unfortunately, they only offered to produce a thesis and not edit it. Obviously, I did not have any more use for this site, but I had to look into it further. Why offer write-ups when you can’t edit them? Luckily, it was not a case of fraud – just a lack of manpower, maybe. Judging from the testimonials, though, it seems that I dodged a bullet. According to some of their former clients, they do not submit papers on time.

EssayEmpire review


Another one of the veteran writing services I expected to excel in their field. Once more, I was disappointed with the results. Although they offer all levels of writing, I could not believe the rates they were asking for. A resume costs more than a hundred dollars, which by these standards are too much – especially for entry-level positions. I was hoping to top up my resume because I was about to look for work during the summer, but the one they gave me looked like it was copied from one of those generic resume building sites. The formatting was bad and some of the statements were misleading or had blatant grammatical errors. I wish I could take it back, but now I have to go find another site to make my resume.

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